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AccutecTM Storage Solutions (P) Ltd.



We provide Free Consultancy for setting up of a new storage solution with technology and Client Satisfaction. We are here to achieve new heights for your storage solution needs and deliver you a customized racking, that will minimize your budget with maximum utility of your available space.
ACCUTECTM provides consultancy Services pertaining to storage solutions that helps you to optimize Storage Utilization, with proper planning of your available space. ACCUTECTM a team of experienced professionals with qualified peoples & a goal of providing an optimum solution for any application in various industries.
ACCUTECTM as an consultant for Industrial Storage solutions and Racking Systems provide Free consultancy for Storage Planning & Designing.


Success of Accutec begins with its Smart layout and design before its implemented to actual Job. Whether its design of a warehouse, or Racking system it requires careful planning, and calculated budget.
Industries look at racking solutions as a long-term Capital investment, hence the design of the storage systems plays a key role, and if the same is not properly designed the whole investment goes waste.
ACCUTECTM have Proper team backed with computer software and skill that enables them to design a Valuable racking Or storage solutions. Safety and durability are of prime concern of the design consideration of any projects that we undertake.

Our full trained staff will be able to offer:

  • Accutec offers Free site survey, Consultation with your Co. throughout the process, Best Design plans for your room and available space & at last Installation using trained installers


Your investment in storage and racking equipment has to last for years as its one time investment Or a Capital Investment, for that it has to be properly installed, for which experts in Storage & Handling installation services, are being monitored under control of Accutec as per the design & plan submitted & Order finalised by your Co.

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